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Larissa Pham

There is no other description for this book other than the below online review by an Anonymous reader titled "Illegally good, like heroin". Also, Amazon is selling this book for 500$. This book is about, among other things, devouring. And, boy, does it devour you in return. Larissa Pham writes with the precision of a razor blade, every single word nestling with the one before and after it perfectly. Her prose is fluid, original, and seething with an energy that begs to be loosed. This book is for anyone who has ever felt that tilting, almost scary moment of being so absorbed by someone(s) that you cannot remember what parts of you are you and what parts of you are them. I am a voracious reader and of everything I read during the nine months of the 2016-2017 school year, FANTASIAN ties with one other for first place. Its plot seems to unfurl effortlessly, the end slurping you farther and farther down until, inevitably, you grace the last page and just have to sit, stunned. FANTASIAN is almost like a tragedy in that it feels inevitable. Once the narrator meets her doppelganger, Dolores, the proceedings seem immediately set in stone. The pace is steady but Pham's ability to have every scene blossom out of the one before it ensures that overall her novella is a riveting, vibrant ride, passing through you like a bullet. Literature with exit wounds. Do not let the fact that FANTASIAN is an erotica deter you - this is a must. Read. I am a better writer today because of reading Larissa Pham's work, and an instant forever-fan. I truly can't imagine the bruise-purple cover of this novella not on my Favorite Books' shelf.

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Fiction, Erotica